Republic of Gwynedd

Newyddion Gwynedd – Gwynedd News

The newspaper of Gwynedd, delivered free to virtually every home and business in Gwynedd. Delivery is via the Gwynedd Delivery Network – which also delivers post, groceries, parcels and purchases from many shops in Gwynedd. The paper is also available in tram stations, RoG offices and some shops & cafés, just look for the Snowdon eagle on the banner.

The newspaper has lots of local information, local news, Gwynedd news, comment and advertising. It is the best way to keep up with the latest news in the Republic. All RoG ventures publish an annual report in The News – which, by the way, is currently published in both languages. If you pick up a copy in the wrong language, just flip it over to the other front page! It is also available online. Printed copies are available outside Gwynedd, they can be purchased via any good newsagent.

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Page last updated 29th April 2013