Republic of Gwynedd

Republic of Gwynedd offices

All RoG offices and shops, and some cafés, stock RoG guide books, paper maps and digital data to enhance your stay in Gwynedd – of course these are also available online, so you can pre-plan your stay and make any bookings in advance. RoG offices can also help with directions, route planning, transport arrangements, accommodation booking and almost anything else to make your stay in Gwynedd enjoyable and memorable.

RoG offices are not primarily 'tourist information' centres, even though they fulfil the role admirably. The offices began as local portals to the services provided by RoG. They operate as Post Offices for villages without a British Post Office, they also operate the UC - Undeb Credyd (credit union) which many people refer to as 'The Bank of Gwynedd'. The Gwynedd Card is also administered via RoG offices. Job vacancies throughout Gwynedd are advertised in all RoG offices, as well as in 'The News'.

Many RoG offices have facilities for interview or conference rooms – available to local people, business and councillors, etc. They can also arrange bookings for village halls, community centres, Gwynedd Showgrounds and other venues throughout Gwynedd. Anything for publication in 'The News' can be forwarded via RoG offices – Internet facilities are also available to the public, via Wiki and RoG computers.

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