Republic of Gwynedd

Gwynedd Showground

The Gwynedd Showground, is located just outside Caernarfon. It has it's own tram station on the line between Bangor and Caernarfon and is easy to access from the A55 Highway. The Showground hosts a wide range of events, from the memorable National Eisteddfod a few years ago to the 'Ab Fab' Gay Pride last year. The End of The Year Show is also broadcast from the main pavilion.

There are many trade shows at the Gwynedd Showground, but the range of entertainment available is its main claim to fame. A permanent fairground keeps the children (of all ages!) happy, Menai cruises, sports facilities, antique & craft fairs, studio tours etc. fill the days while concerts, theatre, cinema and television shows, cabaret and restaurants fill the evenings.

The Gwynedd Showground is the main entertainment centre in Gwynedd, but Dwyfor and Meirionydd each has it's own ground – the Dwyfor Showground is in the grounds of the Presidents home. Some call it the Presidential Palace, but all of the buildings in the complex are in regular use in service of the people of Gwynedd, the President has a well appointed apartment in the main building. Dwyfor sessions of the Gwynedd Council are also held at the 'Palace' – the meetings rotate, between Arfon, Dwyfor and Meirionydd.

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