Republic of Gwynedd

Public Transport

Public transport in the Republic is both efficient and cheap. The tramway serves most parts and is the fastest way to travel from one end of Gwynedd to the other. The tramway connects with the national railway network at Llandudno Junction, Bala and Dolgellau, making rail travel very convenient for most visitors to the Republic. Tramway stations are found in towns and the larger villages plus Parc Glynllifon, Dorothea and the airport. These stations have information points, Gwynedd Card machines and either a café or catering machine (hot/cold drinks + snacks). The small tram stops have a shelter with a remote information point. All tram stops indicate destination and time of arrival of the next few trams, some tramways are single track – which means that the tram could come from either direction, do not stand on the track!

Gwynedd Airport is on the tramway network, making it the airport of choice for much of north and mid Wales. The airport began life as a Second World War fighter base, and remained in use, mainly for leisure flying, until the Republic supported expansion and connected it to the tramway network.

The road system is not up to modern standards, though it must be said that there are no traffic jams – in fact traffic is never a problem. This is a result of the excellent public transport system and the ubiquitous delivery system – which delivers post, fresh food, parcels, the Gwynedd newspaper, prescriptions and purchases from businesses throughout Gwynedd to all homes and businesses in the Republic. This delivery system also collects items for delivery and checks on vulnerable people – by knocking on their doors to ask if they have any delivery needs. If you are looking for an obscure address, or are simply lost – the best person to ask is a Gwynedd Delivery driver!

The Gwynedd Visitor Card is a must for anyone staying more than a day in the Republic. Looking like a regular debit card, it is used:- on trams, buses, in all White Eagle businesses and many independent shops etc. The Gwynedd Visitor Card is, in effect, a pre-paid card – it can be topped up at any Republic of Gwynedd establishment (these can be found in every town and every large village), in some shops or at Gwynedd cash points. Paying for travel on a weekly basis is cheapest – just insert your card into the card machine on the tram or bus, if you don't have current travel credit just select 1-trip, 1 day, 5 days or 7 days (the machine will tell you if you don't have sufficient credit!). The card can also be used to pay for purchases where the Gwynedd Card sign is displayed. The residents version of the card does much more.

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